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12 Clear Glass + White Votive Candle

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Box of 12 large clear shot glass candles. 6cm x 5cm. Filled with white wax. Perfect for tables or shelves where you can be assured there will be no mess. more than 10 hours burn time so these little stunners are perfect to add a touch of class to your wedding reception or restaurant or simply for home. Many florists buy from us to include in table decorations.


  • The main bridal table will come to life if you place these candles along the front. Only one or two spaced per person is enough for a fairytayle effect.
  • Three candles on the cake table, one at the front and two at the sides are all you need to show off your cake and look great in the photos of the official cutting.
  • Four or five candles per guest table adds pockets of ambience throughout the venue.  

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